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NetCharts Financial Dashboard from Visual Mining

NetCharts Performance Dashboards are desktop based applications that come in three packages, Excel Edition, Desktop Edition and Enterprise Edition. As indicated by the name, the Excel Edition accesses data stored in Excel files only. The Desktop Edition is designed for individual use and the Enterprise Edition will function over a group server. Some features you […]

The Design Process – Step 1: Identify Your Target Audience

If you wish to put together an effective business intelligence application, there are a number of steps you should follow. Firstly, you must be aware that there are a number of  steps involved in the design process. Before you do anything at all, you must identify your target audience. Your dashboard or report will vary […]

Project Management Dashboard from Benchmarkers

The Project Management Dashboard from Benchmarkers is designed to help users keep track of the various tasks involved in managing a project. In this example we will look at a Clean Energy Project. This dashboard is divided into five different sections, so as to best display the various aspects that must be considered. On the […]

Panopticon Fund of Funds Dashboard

Panopticon provide a range of business intelligence solutions, with dashboards that are centered mostly on treemaps, scatterplots and heatmaps, but also using standard charts such as line graphs. The Fund of Funds dashboard monitors the behaviour of a selected group of funds, and charts their performance on a single screen. The use of treemaps allows […]

Uniclass Management Dashboard – Dynamic Web Based Management Dashboard to Monitor and Improve Your Business

The Uniclass Suite has been developed by Rocc Computers and is a collection of business intelligence software. The latest addition to this suite is the Uniclass Management Dashboard, a web based management and reporting system. The main features available with the Uniclass Management Dashboard are: Web based technology – This software provides you with full […]

Dashboards on the Move!

Trends and instances have hinted towards a major growth in the usage of Business Intelligence. If one analyzes the latest developments connected with data mining and analytics, the spurt in growth of BI and Dashboards cannot be missed.

Are Dashboards required to be clean ?

A fact that I noticed on several Dashboard’s is that they are trying to pass on too much data and form a cluster of sorts within a single view. This just makes me wonder as to why cleanliness and blank spaces are not considered when preparing these designs.

Business Intelligence and Small Business

With Dashboard making and BI tools get much easier to obtain, use and implement it is only a matter of time before ‘EACH’ Small Business too incorporates to use of BI within their functioning

Oracle brings forth BI 11g

Oracle last week announced their launch of Business Intelligence ( BI ) BI 11g.

Coming at a time when most major corporations are busy launching their own upgraded versions and new products for the BI and dashboard markets, this is surely a interesting development to keep an eye on.

Contract Projects Cost Management Dashboard

This dashboard summarizes the billable and non-billable costs on contract projects. The key performance measures (KPI) • Cost • Percent of budget • Billable cost • Percent of cost • Non-billable cost Contract Projects Cost Trend Report This report shows cost trend for the selected group of projects. It shows cost amounts for a progression […]

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