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KPI Dashboard from e-cubix

This is a sample Supply Chain dashboard that has been generated to showcase the abilities of the e-cubix software. This software is based on KPIs and includes over 500 inbuilt preset KPIs. Those who are creating a dashboard with this software simply have to choose the KPIs they require, select their preferred chart and add […]

Performance Dashboard – Shipping Management Dashboards and KPI

The Shipping Management dashboard shows data for shippable items only, from a shipping and operations perspective. Because the intent of this dashboard is to show the performance of your shipping processes, both internal and external orders are included in the Shipping Management reports. Use the Shipping Management dashboard to monitor your warehouse operations, including the […]

Transportation Management Dashboard

The Transportation Management dashboard groups and presents information about an organization’s logistics operations in terms of the movement of freight. The dashboard provides information on freight costs, arrival performance, carrier billing, and freight cost recovery and variance. With this information, transportation managers can understand transportation performance as of any date and track trends over time. […]

Business Dashboard – Sales Agreement Management KPIs

So what KPIs to measure your Sales Agreements? We got a dashboard just for you! KPIs Active Agreements Summary Beginning Active Agreements 800K 9.0% New Agreements 400K 2.0% Expired Agreements 300K 3.0% Terminated Agreements 20K 12.0% Total Active Agreements 880K 9.0% Expiring Agreements Total Value 285K 3.0% Outstanding Value 165K 12.0% Agreement Orders Analysis Agreement […]

Product Revenue Bookings and Backlog Dashboard

The Product Revenue Bookings and Backlog dashboard shows the state of revenue, from booked to recognized. You can see the revenue backlog for a given time period, how it compares to previous time periods, and the details of what comprises it. Use the Product Revenue Bookings and Backlog dashboard to follow the course of potential […]

Product Cost Management Dashboard |

Use the Product Cost Management dashboard to view information about factors affecting product gross margin, such as the fulfilled value of orders, product cost, and manufacturing cost variances. • View product gross margin by organization, product category, item, and customer, including change in product gross margin over time. • View standard and actual manufacturing costs, […]

Business Dashboard | Plan Management Dashboards

Use the Plan Management dashboard to compare plans with each other or to see how the plans are changing over time: • Display planned revenue, cost, margin, and margin percentage, including the variance in these numbers between the selected plan and the compare plan. • Display planned production, carrying, and purchasing costs for the selected […]

Dashboard – Manufacturing Management – Performanance Dashboards

Use the Manufacturing Management dashboard to view manufacturing performance: • Compare actual production values with planned production values. • View standard and actual costs, and cost variances, for all closed jobs. (Standard costs include material, resource, outside processing, and overhead costs.) • View all open jobs for which there is an unrecognized cost variance—that is, […]

KPI Dashboard – Inventory Management KPI Dashboard

Use the Inventory Management dashboard to view information about inventory value and turns, and cycle count accuracy: • View total inventory value, which includes inventory that is on hand (for example, in the store), WIP value (including material issues and resource charges), and inventory in transit between organizations. • View inventory turns by organization, including […]

Executive Dashboard – Customer Fulfillment Management Dashboard

The Customer Fulfillment Management dashboard presents data from a customer satisfaction perspective for both shippable and non-shippable items. Bookings and fulfillment values on this dashboard also indicate potential revenue. Use the Customer Fulfillment Management dashboard to monitor your organization’s fulfillment performance from a customer perspective: • View the values of booked and fulfilled orders by […]

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