Inflation Dashboard – Consumer Price index charts comparing various categories

Here is the dashboard that shows the inflation trends among various food and consumer categories.

From the dashboard we see the following charts

Executive Dashboard

As you see, comparing Coffee, Milk and Sugar, the increase in the prices of Milk has been slow compared to the huge spike in the price of sugar and coffee.

The chart shows, a spike in the year 1920 for Sugar. On the same note, coffee saw its spike in the year 1977.

Now let us take a look at the below chart

Executive Dashboard

Compared to Potatoes and Rice, Beans does not have any huge spikes and seems to have a slow increase

Potatoes have been on a very steep increase since 1970 onwards.

Executive Dashboard

In the above chart, Bread has seen a slower increase and there does not seem to be any spikes.

Executive Dashboard

In the above chart, Eggs has seen a slower increase compared to Flour and Gasoline

Executive Dashboard

In the above categories, almost all three Bacon, Pork and Steak have similar increase trends.

Now let us compare multiple categories on the same axes

Executive Dashboard

Steak is the most expensive item compared to gas, pork and bacon.

Executive Dashboard

Now, butter is the most expensive item among margarine, bread and eggs

Executive Dashboard

Executive Dashboard

Some general observations

  • Prices seem to be increasing sharply around 1970 onwards
  • Prices for Milk, Beans, Flour and Bread seem to show a slower increase than the rest
  • Coffee, Rice, butter and steak have seen dramatic price increases


A diet of Milk, Beans and Bread seems boring but could be the key to beat the inflation.

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