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After looking at this Mockup and Wireframe Application from the makers of InfoCaptor, and “If you wondered what took so long to have a prototyping tool for dashboards” then we exactly share your sentiment.

So if you don’t want to wait any further jump ahead and join the Beta invitation for MockupTiger – The only mockup application specially for Dashboards and Business Intelligence. Build any kind of Mockups or Wireframes using vectorized widgets and icons.

My company was given a exclusive preview of the web beta and we were completely blown away. We actually used the beta to do some quick consulting prototypes for Dashboards. Our client for whom we were working to build a dashboard using OBIEE were intrigued but suffice it to say we could’nt reveal the details to them. Using MockupTiger we quickly hashed out 3 variations of our Sales dashboard. I think this is the way all BI consulting and development should be carried out. No more drawing boards, paper and pens.

It has superb gadgets for Charts, Gauges and also to build any kind of web application GUI.

Dashboard Wireframe - Mockups


Visit the Mockups and Wireframe website at MockupTiger

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