Procure-to-Pay Management Dashboard

Some of the dashboards just as the below one may not be aesthitically pleasing but they provide a valuable source of how big corporations monitor their KPIs and what is important to them.

Use the Procure-to-Pay Management reports for the following:
• Identify and resolve processing bottlenecks in the purchasing and payables
• Monitor key performance measures in the procure-to-pay lifecycle and compare
them across operating units

Procure-to-Pay KPIs

Manual Invoices Rate: Manual Distributions / Distributions.
Percent of manual invoice distributions to the total number of invoice distributions.

Manual Invoices
The Manual Invoices report can be used to answer the following questions:
• How efficient is my invoicing process?
• With which suppliers can I automate my invoicing process?
• Which invoice creators are creating the most manual invoices?
• How is the percentage of manual invoice creation changing over time?

The Manual Invoices report displays the number and percentage of invoices that are created manually, as compared to automatically created invoices. This report can be used to determine which suppliers are still being invoiced manually, to help streamline the invoicing process by increasing the level of automation.

• Manual Distributions: Number of validated invoice distributions that were created
manually. Manual invoices are those created using the invoice gateway, invoice
entry window, or expense report in Oracle Payables. (Internet Expenses are not
considered manual invoices.)
Invoices that were created automatically and later updated are still considered
automatically created invoices.
• Change: ((Manual Distributions Current Period – Manual Distributions Previous
Period) / Absolute Value of Manual Distributions Previous Period) * 100.
Percent change in the number of manual distributions between the current and
previous time periods.
A negative change means the number of manual distributions has decreased since
the last period.
• Distributions: Total number of validated distributions for the supplier, supplier site, or invoice creator.
• Manual Distribution Rate: Manual Distributions / Distributions.
Percent of manual invoice distributions to the total number of invoice distributions.

Executive Dashboard

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