Data Visualization Stories – Bailout money, Employee Analytics, Big Data Trends

See how the number of employees have increased/decreased over the years at the big tech companies and how the revenue profit numbers correlate Checkout the meteoric rise of employee strength at Amazon, Apple, Oracle and Google (some big spikes) Big Data Trends : Which of the terms Hadoop, Business Intelligence or dashboards is in topping […]

Dashboards help you see what you Manage

Dashboards allow placing several sources of data into data interpretation graphics, allowing visualization of data and its relevancy on various parameters that affect the several measures success or failures.

Business Intelligence : Data sources with a Makeover

BI is all about allowing relevant business data collected from various sources and stages to be used in unison and drawing meanings and inferences from them. In other words, BI is also a form of Makeover for your data.

Are Dashboards required to be clean ?

A fact that I noticed on several Dashboard’s is that they are trying to pass on too much data and form a cluster of sorts within a single view. This just makes me wonder as to why cleanliness and blank spaces are not considered when preparing these designs.

Getting to know the OLAP Dashboard

OLAP Dashboards help keep a close eye on important data and also help evaluate, using graphs, the directions and results of any business operation.

Obama speech Visualization

Here is a neat little service that lets you create word cloud by passing some text content to it. Readwriteweb ran Obama’s inauguration speech through it and came up with the following word clouds. They also did the same for Bush and Clinton’s speech. It is interesting. Take a note of the shape of the […]

Building Dashboard | University of Vermont Resource consumption dashboard

If you are not lazy visit this link right now and see for yourself This is an excellent example of an University carrying (hate to say monitoring in this context) about the resource consumption. It monitors Electricity, Gas,Weather,Cooling etc. And there is something also known as Green Roof monitoring (read further down) Electricity Consumption […]

Google Visualization API – Create Dashboards from any Source

Earlier Google Visualization API allowed its gadgets to interact with only Google Spreadsheets. Google Viz API has now opened up to a variety of data sources. Today, we are expanding the capabilities of the Google Visualization API by enabling developers to display data from any data source connected to the web (any database, Excel spreadsheet, […]

Election Visualizations

Following our previouse “Dashboard-of-dashboards” Election Dashboards article, here comes another one on different types of Visualization on ElectionData. Visualize Political Contributions By Industry Visualizing Earmarks Visualizing Election Polls Electoral College Prediction Tracker The 2008 Presidential Election In The Blogosphere                       1.The non-profit organization called Sunlight […]

Election Intelligence – Collection of Electoral Dashboards

“Joe the Plumber”, “Tina Fey”, “Sarah Palin”, “Obama” and “Mccain”, What do they have to do with Dashboards? Apparently nothing, but they are the talk of this season, thats right, its Election season and with so many interesting things turning around every day there got to be a better way to track some elements of […]

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