Monitor your Blog Goals with WordPress plugin

ATTENTION:If you are using the following wordpress plugin, send us the url and we will publish it on our website It is tough to imagine a serious blogger without any goals or targets for his blog. When you start a new website or a blog your immediate goal is to get visitors to your site. […]

How to add the gauges directly within the Posts

You can use the following table to determine which tags to use within the posts. NOTE: You can use the tag or Gauges only once per page. If you add it multiple times, the Gauge will be displayed only once.   Template Tags Chart Template Tag Content Tag Average Comments/Post <?php if (function_exists(‘dz_average_comments_chart’)) { dz_average_comments_chart(); […]

WordPress Plugin History for DashboardZone

We at dashboard zone use lot of Google tools to run our website. For e.g we use Google Analytics to monitor traffic, Google Adwords for advertising and Google Adsense for monetization. We also monitor our wordpress database activity, number of user registrations, number of RSS subscriptions etc. All of these data comes from different sources […]

DashboardZone Goals and Statistics

On this page we showcase the different metrics that our wordpress plugin can generate. Adding this plugin can really create some BloggerBuzz Where do we stand on our current month Goals? Current Month Posts Am I on track with my blog goals? get dashboards plugin? What is our monthly posting rate? Average Dashboards/Month Help us […]

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